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We have the perfect wines for meals with friends

Sure, you can read numerous recommendations about which wines go best with which dishes. However, there aren't really many rules about this. The most important thing is that you primarily take into account your own taste when choosing a wine to accompany a meal. Anything goes – as long as you like it. And your friends are sure to be able to raise a toast to that.

White wine for meals

Three friends are sitting at a table and clinking glasses of white wine from Mondovino. Only one person is visible in a blurred background, the others are outside the frame. The focus is on the clinking glasses.
Once learned, never forgotten: white wines are for starters, and red wines are for mains. This is not entirely untrue. As a rule, light and dry white wines that go well with a light starter are popular. What if your guests want to continue with white wine when you had planned to serve reds after the starter? No problem. Most white wines go very well with mains – some even better so than red wine. These can be dry, more well-rounded and barrel-aged, or more fruity, sweet white wines.

White wines for meals with friends