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Bodegas CVNE

CVNE is one of the oldest Rioja wineries. In particular its “Cune” and the “Imperial” enjoy a legendary reputation.
María Larrea has been Technical Director of CVNE since 2006. Her relationship with these wineries started over 20 years ago when she joined the team of vintners. But her connection to wine is even older and began when she was born. As her family owns vineyards and even produces its own wine, Maria grew up in the midst of the aromas and flavours that she now knows all too well as an expert. She therefore decided to train in a field dedicated to the world of wine. In 1986 she graduated as a vintner from the Faculté de Pharmacie, University of Montpellier, France, and completed her final project at the Union Coopératives Vinicoles d'Aquitaine (UCVA) in Coutras, Bordeaux. She is currently responsible for monitoring the smooth running of all wineries (CVNE and Viña Real), from the work in the vineyards to development of individual wines (Cune, Imperial, Viña Real, Monopole and Real de Asúa) produced by CVNE. Maria is the fourth female vintner at CVNE in the 130 years of this winery’s history.


In 1879, when Rioja was just embarking on an incredible boom owing to the phylloxera blight in the Bordeaux region, two brothers, Real de Asúa and Isidro Corcuera, founded a winery with the long name “Compañia Vinícola del Norte de España”. Soon, the winery was known simply as “CVNE”, or “Cune”. The basis for its legendary reputation dates back to the 1920s, when it launched the “Imperial” wine.
The extensive CVNE cellars are located in the famous station neighbourhood of Haro, where the Rioja success story began. This is where wines are produced that perfectly combine the traditional elegance of Rioja with contemporary fruity richness. In addition to the famous Imperial, which is available as a Reserva and Gran Reserva, the “Cune” and “Viñedos del Contino” ranges are also a guarantee of high-quality Riojas.