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Peter Keller explains the world of Merlots to you.

Merlot – widespread, and popular everywhere

The mere mention of the name Merlot triggers an immediate association with Bordeaux: this grape variety and Cabernet Franc are the famous blending partners for Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines from France's most prestigious growing region are held in high esteem and enjoy an excellent reputation.
Merlot is the most widely cultivated grape variety in its homeland of Bordeaux, largely because of its versatility: the wines that it produces range from the world-class to the modest and everyday. Merlot ripens relatively early, usually producing full-bodied, velvety wines that are not too austere – thus appealing to the palate of many wine lovers.
No sooner had the grape originated than it set out on a remarkable journey of success around Planet Wine: as well as Bordeaux, Merlot is also widespread in south-western France and Languedoc – while outside the Grande Nation it is widely cultivated in north-eastern Italy and certain parts of Tuscany. In the New World it is used to produce single-varietal wines in California, Chile and South Africa, whereas in Australia and New Zealand it is often blended.
Merlot also occupies an important position in Switzerland. In Ticino, for instance, about four fifths of the total vineyard area is planted with it. Thanks to a real quality revolution in the past 20 or 30 years, wines from the south of Switzerland have already overtaken some renowned Bordeaux. This development was triggered by Swiss-German "exiles" who sought, and found, their oenological fortunes in the south. People like Christian Zündel, Werner Stucky and Daniel Huber invested in quality and introduced new forms of vinification, such as the use of small wooden barrels (barriques). They followed the shining example of Bordeaux, and the locals followed them. Today there are about 30 professional vintners making their own wines.
The Misox valley in Graubünden, an almost forgotten wine region with only 30 hectares under vines, is almost part of Ticino. Here, too, Merlot plays the leading role – and the wines are more than respectable. The top producer is the Rohner Erni winery in Monticello. And La Fiducia Edizione Peter Keller 2019 – a single-varietal Merlot, typical of its origin and full of character – proves that Ticino names are nothing to be ashamed of. It is available exclusively at Mondovino.
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DOC Grigioni Mesolcina Merlot La Fiducia Edizione Peter Keller Weingut Rohner Erni

Switzerland, 2019

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Ausschliesslich aus Merlot gekeltert, brilliert diese einmalige und grossartige Spezialabfüllung mit einem intensiven, vielschichtigen Bouquet von rot- und blaubeerigen Aromen, würzigen und dezenten Röstnoten. Die Qualität des Weins zeigt sich auch im Gaumen. Er ist mit einer schönen Frucht, Dichte, Fülle und einer erhabenen Eleganz ausgestattet. Der Nachhall ist langanhaltend. In zwei, drei Jahren legt der Merlot weiter an Komplexität zu - ein sicherer Wert für die Zukunft.


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