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Peter Keller explains the aromatic world of white grape varieties.

The world of aromatic white grape varieties

The world of wine is diverse. Who can name all the grape varieties that are grown? It’s impossible. Many varieties can be recognized from one or more aromas that can be clearly identified on the nose. In most cases, these are aromatic varieties. Let’s take a look at the best known examples of aromatic white grapes.
This category includes Gewürztraminer, which is primarily found in Alsace and South Tyrol. Its unmistakeable aroma of roses and lychee makes it a classic example, albeit one that divides opinion. You either love it or hate it. Muscat, which is one of the few varieties to smell of grapes, is somewhat less overpowering. Thanks to its notes of citrus, green apple and even exotic fruits, Riesling also belongs in this group. The frequent mineral notes give an extremely complex, multi-layered bouquet.
Sauvignon blanc is a widely cultivated, well-loved aromatic variety. This trendsetter among grapes stands out thanks to its aroma of gooseberries, grapefruit, elderflower and asparagus. Different styles of wine are produced depending on origin and vinification. «Green» wines from New Zealand are causing a stir. However, enjoyment of a wine that only has aromas of asparagus and bell pepper is likely to be limited. A complex wine impresses with a range of different aromas. Wines from the French Loire valley, the true home of Sauvignon blanc have mineral notes of flint in particular due to the soil type prevalent there. Excessive exotic fruity notes are also often too overpowering and pronounced. The grape harvesting itself has a not insignificant influence on the style of the wine. A vintner once correctly said that there is only a short window during the harvest when the grapes can be brought into the cellar in optimum condition.
Sauvignon blanc grows in many regions and yields excellent results, including in Germany. The white wine produced by Katrin Wind from Pfalz is a real gem in Mondovino’s rare wines range. The committed, quality-focused young winemaker aims to produce wines that are not excessively aromatic or too high in alcohol. And she succeeds in this, as demonstrated by the new 2020 vintage of the Sauvignon Blanc Fumé. It is available exclusively at Mondovino – at a special reduced price.
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Sauvignon blanc Fumé Pfalz Katrin Wind

Germany, 2020

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Das Motto von Katrin Wind ist eine Ansage: Nackt, ehrlich, ungeschminkt sollen ihre Weine sein. Diese Eigenschaften erfüllt der Pfälzer Sauvignon blanc 2020 auf perfekte Art und Weise. Der Duft ist nicht zu aufdringlich, obwohl in der Nase die sortentypischen Noten von Limetten, Stachelbeeren und Grapefruit auszumachen sind. Dazu kommen würzige Anklänge. Im Gaumen ist der Weisswein konsequent trocken, fruchtig, mineralisch, sehr frisch, elegant, saftig und harmonisch. Leicht salziger Nachhall. Da die reifen Trauben bereits Ende August gelesen wurden, ist der Alkoholgehalt mit 12,5% moderat. Die frühe Ernte ist auf das warme Jahr 2020 zurückzuführen. Der exzellente Sauvignon blanc wird nach einer Maischestandzeit von 48 Stunden abgepresst und reift nachher während neun Monaten in bereits einmal gebrauchten kleinen Holzfässern. Katrin Wind füllt den Wein unfiltriert in die Flaschen ab. Der Wein ist trinkbereit und kann sicher vier, fünf Jahre gelagert werden.


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