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Timothée Boltz

When you share a glass of wine with family or friends, you’re also sharing the history of a terroir and of the region's people.

Wine – in all its diversity – is the best source of conviviality and pleasure.

I was raised in a family of vintners in Alsace and have been interested in the world of wine since I was a child. After my studies in agricultural sciences in Toulouse and Vienna, specializing in viticulture and oenology, I worked at various wineries around the world, in both production and export. I joined Coop in summer 2014. Today, I’m responsible at Coop for sparkling wines from around the world (champagne, Prosecco, Cava etc.) and for wines from France. I have a particular fascination with old Rieslings and Pinots, champagnes, and the Méthode Traditionnelle.
Specialist areas
  • Viticulture and oenology
  • International wine market
  • Champagnes and sparkling wines of the world

Timothée Boltz’s wine recommendations