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Bodega Septima

Bodega Septima grows its wine in the Agrelo region, in the beautiful province of Mendoza, with views of the majestic Andes mountain range.
The Bodega Septima winery offers a wide range of excellent wines.
There are lots of sparkling and still Argentinian wines in its portfolio.
In terms of its architecture, construction style, use of materials and layout, Bodega Septima is without doubt the flagship of the latest generation of wineries in Mendoza. Its 5,500 m wine cellar can hold up to 3,000,000 bottles. The building is inspired by ancient tradition of dry stone walling, which involves layering stones without mortar, as practised by the original inhabitants of Mendoza, the Huarpes.
With a growing area of over 150 hectares and well-balanced production processes, Bodega Septima offers a wide range of excellent sparkling and still wines for every taste.In many respects, this winery is one of the best in its class, whether in terms of its history, its elegant style, the exceptional quality of its wines or its value for money. Highly profitable, one of Argentina's 20 best exporters.

Wine by Bodega Septima