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Dr. Loosen

Wine visionary Ernst Loosen crafts outstanding Rieslings by the Moselle. The grapes grow on ungrafted vines up to 100 years old.
The 12-hectare vines are planted exclusively with Riesling.
When Ernst Loosen took over the running of the family business in 1988, he quickly spotted the potential of the vineyards by the Moselle: 60 to 100-year-old, ungrafted vines in the most famous vineyards of the Middle Moselle afford perfect conditions for the production of great Moselle Rieslings. Consequently, the 12-hectare vines are planted exclusively with Riesling.
On the south-facing steep slopes overlooking the Moselle the grapes ripen to perfection. The south-facing aspect guarantees near-unbroken sunlight from morning to evening, which is reflected onto the vineyard by the river. The slate soil also stores the warmth of the sun, releasing it to the vines at night or on cooler days. Very high in potassium, slate provides the vines with a rich, natural source of minerals.
Overall, this microclimate makes for a lengthy vegetation period during which the grapes ripen slowly while retaining their fresh acidity.
Plus, they are routinely pruned and small quantities of organic fertilizer are applied. There is minimal tampering with the wines in the cellar, leaving them to reach their full potential.
Ernst Loosen believes that great wines are the perfect expression of the soil, the climate and the grape variety. He is committed to following these principles both by the Moselle and at his second business, J.L. Wolf in Pfalz.

Wines by Dr. Loosen