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Eva Fricke

Under-the-radar German vintner Eva Fricke creates delightful Rieslings. Having switched careers, she crafts weightless, delicate terroir wines of pleasant intensity.
Her dedication and perseverance have made the organically produced Rieslings a jewel of Rheingau.
Young vintner Eva Fricke has been her own boss for a mere ten years and is gradually expanding her estate; having originally planned to become a brewer, Eva Fricke changed course and now manages around 7.5 hectares. Her career goal was no accident, hailing as she does from the north German city of Bremen, where beer tends to be favoured over wine. With no family background in winemaking, Fricke started from scratch and the development of her business is entirely self-funded. Before going it alone, she trained as an oenologist at Geisenheim University and gained valuable experience at various estates in the New and Old World, which she could then put to use at her own winery, which she founded in 2006.
Thanks to her dedication and perseverance, the organically-produced Rieslings, which are available in Switzerland exclusively through Mondovino, have become a jewel of Rheingau. From the outset, Eva Fricke has foregone herbicides and pesticides. In her cultivation and replanting practices, she collaborates with the nature conservation agencies. The German vintner describes her wine style as follows:
I want to create puristic, top-class wines using organic methods. Because of our approach and the fact that we allow the grapes to ripen to perfection, our vinification process is natural and minimalist, preserving the elegance and tremendous energy of the grapes well beyond the harvest.

Wines by Eva Fricke