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Alois Lageder – biodynamic winegrowing in South Tyrol

Alois Lageder is a pioneer of South Tyrolean winegrowing and partly responsible for the revolution in quality over the past decades. The Alois Lageder winery is characterized by its concept of treating its vines and the natural world in general with respect.
Alois Lageder stands for biodynamic winegrowing in South Tyrol.

Alois Lageder winery: the key facts

The winery was founded in 1823 and is now managed by the fifth generation. It covers 50 hectares of family-owned vineyards in Kurtatsch, Margreid, Tramin and by Lake Kaltern. The vineyards are certified and monitored by Demeter. The business also works with numerous contracted winegrowers who look after a further 110 hectares. Thanks to this cooperation with the contracted winegrowers, Alois Lageder can fully exploit the range of varieties in the South Tyrol region.

Alois Lageder: the wines

Lageder's extensive range is based on a three-level pyramid of quality. The base of the pyramid comprises classic varieties, the middle terroir selection wines and the top single-vineyard wines. The grapes used for the classic varieties come mainly from the contracted winegrowers; these are primarily the grape varieties Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon blanc and a few others. In the case of the terroir selection wines, the sites of the vineyards and the landscape are the key, as the name implies. The single-vineyard products are the highest quality. The grapes for these wines come from the family's own slopes.
Lageder has recently built a new wine cellar at the site in Margreid. Using gravity, the grapes are channelled into the 17-metre-deep wine-pressing tower. For the producer, it is important to offer more than just wine: the winery regularly plays host to art exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events, for example.

Winegrower Alois Lageder uses biodynamic winegrowing methods

Lageder manages these vineyards using biodynamic methods – a holistic approach and sustainability are thus key criteria at the Alois Lageder winery. The goal of biodynamic winegrowing is to bring out the flavour of the terroir as much as possible. The respective merits of the different soils are made very careful use of at Alois Lageder. However, South Tyrol does not only have different types of soil – the climate and the sites can also differ greatly. All of which enables the production of unique terroir wines which Alois Lageder brings to market with a great deal of passion.

Wines from Alois Lageder