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In Valle Talloria d'Alba in Piedmont, the Giordano family has been producing classic Piedmont wines since 1900. They have also recently begun producing wine in Apulia as well.
In Valle Talloria d'Alba, the Giordano family has been making classic Piedmont wines since 1900.
Winegrowing has been an integral part of the Giordano family for four generations. Now, Ferdinando and Gianni Giordano are upholding this tradition which has its roots in Piedmont. The historical winery buildings in Valle Talloria d'Alba bear witness to this. Within their walls, the key production processes were carried out for more than 100 years: pressing, maturing in wooden barrels, bottling, labelling, storing and shipping.
Many of these processes have now been moved to modern buildings. The historical winery is now only used to store the more than 1,000 traditional oak barrels and barriques in which the vintage wines are matured. The winery nestles in a breathtaking landscape where the people have winegrowing in their blood.
Giordano also has a site in another historic region of Italy: a few years ago, the family business took over a winery in Torricella, in the heart of Apulia. There, the business produces characterful wines from indigenous grape varieties, primarily Negroamaro and Primitivo, which round off Giordano's offering.

Wines from Giordano