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Kellerei Bozen

Kellerei Bozen is one of the very top wine producers in South Tyrol. 215 members manage 350 hectares of vineyards and supply the cooperative with their grapes. The wines produced from these in the capital of South Tyrol regularly receive awards.
The products from Kellerei Bozen regularly receive awards.
Kellerei Gries
In 1908, farmers from Gries decided to become independent and bravely founded a winegrowing cooperative.
Right from the start, the aim was to vinify and market Lagrein, a typical wine from Gries. In the years following the Second World War, Kellerei Gries succeeded in establishing itself largely thanks to its production of light Lagrein Kretzer (rosé). During the sales crisis of the 1970s and early 1980s, Kellerei Gries transferred its production focus from quantity to quality and enjoyed success with Lagrein in particular – its flagship product.
Kellerei St Magdalena
In 1930, 18 winegrowers from St Magdalena, St Justina and Leitach also founded a cooperative. Their main product was St Magdalener wine made from Vernatsch (Schiava) grapes. Even during the early years, the winery endeavoured to gain a foothold in the export business. And with success.
A pivotal event occurred in 1971 with the demarcation and upgrading of the Magdalener area in the wake of the DOC regulations. At the end of the 1970s, however, a crisis hit South Tyrol's wine production. But Kellerei Magdalena managed to survive. The solution lay in its rigorous quality policy.
2001 saw what was probably the most important step since the founding of the Gries and St Magdalena wineries: a merger.
The grapes come from Bolzano's best vineyards at 205 to 700 metres above sea level. Lagrein, South Tyrol's best-known and most characterful red wine, has its origins in the permeable, easily warmed alluvial soils of Gries and Moritzing. The large number of sites and growing areas enables an extensive range of high-quality fine wines. At Kellerei Bozen, near-natural and environmentally sound cultivation, careful soil management and yield reduction in the vineyards are not just buzzwords. Consultations, discussions and quality control are just as much a part of the business as the careful selection of grapes and maturing time in the cellars. The wines from Kellerei Bozen stand out for their typicality and character. The Sauvignon blanc is fresh, fruity and aromatic while the Lagrein is powerful and elegant. Each year, the winery produces around two million bottles of red wine (St Magdalener, Pinot noir, Merlot, Cabernet and Lagrein) and around one million bottles of white wine (including Pinot blanc, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Silvaner and Sauvignon blanc).

Wines from Kellerei Bozen