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Cantine Cellaro

The municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia can be found in the south-west of Sicily. The vineyards range from 300 to 600 metres above sea level.
The vines enjoy a mild climate all the year round.
Our winery Cantine Cellaro is situated there, near Lago Arancio, and was founded in 1969. The wine business started in 1972 and we now have more than 500 members.
Thanks to its proximity to the lake and optimum microclimate due to the south-east-facing location, the grapes are protected from severe heat and drought. The vines were planted in moderately textured loamy soil interspersed with limestone. The climate is very mild all the year round.
Our winery has a capacity of 220,000 hectolitres and a total of 1,500 hectares of land.
We take pride in producing wine in harmony with the land, while fully respecting the natural world, in order to increase the authenticity of our products – in accordance with country lore. Even if our focus is on renewable energy sources.

Wines from Cantine Cellaro