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Azienda Agricola Brigaldara

The La Brigaldara winery is located in the north-east of Italy, to the north of Verona, outside the village of San Floriano in Valpolicella. Perched high up on a hillside, La Brigaldara looks out over the Marano valley, one of the four valleys that are home to the world-famous Valpolicella classico.
The Azienda Agricola Brigaldara winery has been producing its own wines since 1979.
The buildings, vineyards and olive groves extend over some 50 hectares of land. The Cesari family uses the villa as their home, while the adjoining farmhouse with its characteristic veranda houses the recently modernized winery. This was fitted into the farmhouse, which was originally built on two storeys, without changing the original architecture. The grapes are delivered to the upper storey after being harvested, where they are then fermented. The lower storey is used for maturing and ageing; the oak barrels are also stored there.
The winery has an idyllic location surrounded by beautiful vineyards. It is designed to fit seamlessly into the La Brigaldara property and the surrounding landscape.
The name of the property was first mentioned in an official document dating from 1260. Back then, it referred to a row of farmhouses, the villa and the surrounding land.
In 1929, the Cesari family acquired the villa and the land, which was used to produce fruit and grain as well as wine and olive oil at the time. In the 1960s and 1970s, the share-cropping system (mezzadria) was discontinued. Since then, the land has only been used to grow grapes and olives.
The winery has been producing its own wine since 1979; before that, the grapes were sold to other vintners. A series of acquisitions during the 1990s gave rise to an expansion: 1990 saw the purchase of four hectares of adjoining land in the village of Marano. This was followed by the acquisition of another four hectares in the village of Grezzana in 1991.
La Brigaldara does not only use its own land: since 1995, the winery has also been leasing five hectares in the village of Fumane. The Case Vecie vineyard includes some land belonging to the winery and some leased land. Over the years, nine hectares of vines have been planted here at 450 metres above sea level.
Marchellise is situated to the east of Verona and has 20 hectares under vine. This land also belongs to La Brigaldara:
"The wines which we cultivate in our own style have led to our outstanding reputation at home and abroad."

Wines from Azienda Agricola Brigaldara