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Cantina Zeni

The Fratelli Zeni winery can be found in the soft moraine hills to the east of Lake Garda near Bardolino.
The winery to the east of Lake Garda produces numerous Veneto wines.
The origins of this area, which is practically made for winegrowing, go back to the Riss and Würm glacial periods, which gave the shores of Lake Garda their current outline. The light, deep and rich soil allows the vines to put down deep roots, while the nearby lake ensures a stable, mild climate. The vines of the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, the basis for Bardolino, thrive particularly well here.
The story of the winery began in 1800 when Bartolomeo Zeni, a passionate artist but a carter by trade, started marketing wine. His descendants began producing wine around 1870 and founded the first wine cellar at number 16, Via Garibaldi in Bardolino. Fratelli Zeni remains an ambitious family business to this day and has been managed by the siblings Fausto, Elena and Federica since their father Gaetano's death.
Special attention is paid to looking after the vineyards as well as drying and pressing the grapes. The same degree of attention can be seen in the ageing and maturing of the structured wines, as demonstrated by the building of an underground barrique cellar specially for them. The winery produces a wide range of Veneto wines – from classic Bardolino and fruity IGT and Valpolicella wines through to Amarone.

Wines from Cantina Zeni