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They call him "Mr Amarone". The family-run company is considered to be one of the world's best producers of Amarone.
At Masi, a great deal of time and money is invested in research and innovation.
The traditional company, which invests a substantial amount of time and money in research and innovation, is managed by "Mr Amarone" Sandro Boscaini and his children Alessandra and Raffaele, now the seventh generation. They are now reaping what the previous six generations invested in research and innovation. Despite their impressive production figures, the Boscaini family knows how to set benchmarks that are otherwise only found in small wineries.
Masi is the number one winegrowing company for the production of Amarone.
Masi is the number one winegrowing company for the production of Amarone and has, since it was founded, pursued the long winegrowing tradition of the Veneto region with a passion. Its history began towards the end of the 18th century when the Boscaini family acquired several vineyards in the small winegrowing valley named Vaio dei Masi at the heart of the Valpolicella Classica region. For over 40 years, the winery has been involved in a project to upgrade historic vineyards in collaboration with the family of Conti Serego Alighieri, descendants of the great poet Dante, owners of the winery with the longest history and tradition in Valpolicella and the family of Conti Bossi Fedrigotti with its well-known wines from the Rovereto vineyards. Furthermore, Masi owns the biodynamically managed vineyards and cellars Poderi del Bello Ovile in Tuscany and Masi Tupungato in Argentina.
Its experience in the technology of drying grapes, used by the Romans to concentrate the colour, sugar and aroma of the wine, is widely recognized. The method was renewed by the team of technical experts at Masi to produce a wide range of Amaroni, Recioti and for original interpretations such as Campofiorin.

Wines from Masi