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João Portugal Ramos

A New World visionary in Portuguese wine.
João Portugal Ramos comes from a family with a long winemaking tradition.
João Portugal Ramos comes from a family with a long winemaking tradition. He studied agronomics at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia in Lisbon.
In the late 1980s, João Portugal Ramos founded his consultancy firm Consulvinus to handle the large number of enquiries from various producers nationwide. From 1989, Consulvinus expanded his activities beyond Alentejo to Ribatejo, the Setúbal peninsula, Dão, Beiras, Estremadura and the Douro region.
João Portugal Ramos was instrumental in developing renowned and exceptional Portuguese wines, and revived regions which had fallen into oblivion among wine lovers and consumers.
In 1990 he planted the first vineyards in Estremoz, opting to train the vines according to the bilateral cordon system. Since then, the vineyards have colonized more and more ground, providing space to cultivate a top-class selection of grapes from every vintage which are capable of yielding exceptional wines.
The company has its own vineyards and long-term contracts with local producers. The Viticulture department is responsible for the technical management of the 600 hectare-plus area. This involves tasks such as selecting lots and grape varieties, closely monitoring the vines’ development, and preparing for the grape harvest.
The Estremoz region owes its allure to the beauty of the Alentejo plain, its culture, hunting and its great culinary tradition. It was established in 1258 by King Afonso III, and King Denis also settled in this region. One of its most noteworthy citizens was Vasco da Gama, the commanding officer of the fleet that discovered the sea route to India.
In the heart of the upper Alentejo, the soil of shale and limestone and the continental climate make for unusually consistent quality and provide the ideal conditions for growing large plants.
After a long career as a wine consultant in Portugal's most renowned growing areas, João Portugal Ramos decided to cultivate his own wines on this soil.

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