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The Niepoort winery has been run as a family business for over 150 years. Originally founded by Franciscus Marius Niepoort, it has been owned by the family since 1842. The generations work closely together to continue the company's tradition and establish innovations.
The Niepoort winery has been run as a family business for over 150 years.

Niepoort winery: history and aims

The Niepoort family originally hails from Amsterdam. They decided more than 150 years ago to emigrate to Portugal. Shortly after arriving, the family acquired and began cultivating a winery in the Douro valley around Porto. It has been noted for its exceptional wines ever since. The unique Niepoort port wines are especially beguiling.
Niepoort's current boss is vintner Dirk van der Niepoort. He is fervently committed to the family company's goal of combining tradition and innovation. This is exemplified in the winery's collaboration with regional artists to create the “Fabelhaft” (fabulous) series of wines: the bottles’ labels are individually designed by the artists for different markets.
The winery's owners set great store by preserving the winery’s tradition, which means giving the fullest possible expression to the region’s natural traits. Vines more than a century old are a valuable asset, as they place their special signature on the wines crafted from them.

What makes the wines from Douro unique?

The climate of the Douro valley is very favourable to winegrowing: it is mild, not too hot, and not too dry. On the face of it, the granite soil that is prevalent there seems hostile to cultivation. However, the Douro river cuts through the shale landscape. The moisture from the water rises to the surface, enabling the vines to flourish.A few growing areas around the valley occupy slopes with extreme inclines. Whilst this makes harvesting more difficult, it also makes the yield more valuable and unique. The “Alto Douro” wine region, which includes the Niepoort estate, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. It earned this accolade because the farmers preserve the region's winegrowing tradition and cultivate the vineyards with respect for natural conditions.Niepoort wines – more than just portThe Niepoort family traditionally produces port wines. More than 150 years of experience of producing ports has resulted in sophisticated production processes and exceptional quality. The repertoire ranges from semi-dry and dry white port, through red port, to the company's exclusive Fabelhaft wine series.The names of the individual wines in the Fabelhaft series are derived from fairytales and fables. Wilhelm Busch's stories of brothers Max and Moritz, for example, were the inspiration for two eponymous wines. Whilst the “Max” wine tastes fruity and spritzy, “Moritz” is an elegant, mild port wine.Ruby and Tawny are another wine pair. The ruby-red Ruby wine has an intense, pungent flavour. It has to mature for around three years in order to acquire its fruity aroma. Tawny is somewhat lighter, with a more subtle aroma. It takes an additional six months or so to fully reveal its flavour.The wine pairs complement each other perfectly: robust complexity balanced against mild, smooth elegance.The Niepoort family's Garrafeiras ports are held in particularly high regard. They have an especially long ageing period: the wine stays in the barrel for three to six years before it reaches the best age for drinking. It is then transferred to carboys, in which it develops its aroma for at least another eight years before finally hitting the shelves. With such a lengthy ageing period, its outstanding quality comes as no surprise.These are just a handful of the wide selection of high-quality ports produced by the family. There are other premium red, rosé and white wines in Niepoort's portfolio.

Fabelhaft wines: tradition and progress go hand in hand

Niepoort's Fabelhaft series comprises a number of different wines. Their USP is that, in every country in which the wines are sold, the bottles have a different label. These are painstakingly designed by regional artists. The Fabelhaft wines have a unique flavour and embody fun and pleasure, in other words the good things in life.
The Niepoort wines in the Fabelhaft series are the culmination of innovations born of collaboration spanning several generations. Drawing on time-honoured knowledge and years of experience, combined with continual development and new creations, the Niepoort winery sets benchmarks.

Wines by Niepoort