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Bodega Barahonda

Barahonda lies inside the Denominación de Origen Yecla area, in the land of “el Altiplano”, a transition area between the meseta and the Mediterranean sea surrounded by a ring of mountains.
Bodegas Barahonda
Barahonda lies inside the Denominación de Origen Yecla area, in the land of “el Altiplano”, a transition area between the meseta and the Mediterranean sea surrounded by a ring of mountains.
The Symmetrical shape of the winery stands out against the more traditional form of the local manor houses. Despite this contrast, it integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape as it is constructed of local materials and is surrounded by the vineyards that provide part of the grapes.
At Barahonda we make characterful, intense wines full of colour. These are wines with complexity and real personality wich every year win recognition, awards and high scores from the best international critics.
As the Barahonda logo symbolizes, our wines are linked to the earth from wich they come and are carefully raised from rootstock to vine, an essential part of the personality of a quality wine.
Bodegas Barahonda is committed to the development and research (R+D+i) of the wine sector, with a line of work aimed at improving the competitiveness of our sector, responding to new climatological challenges and new market trends. Through new winemaking and viticultural strategies, Barahonda is attached to the quality and innovation of its wines, without neglecting tradition. To carry out this task, Barahonda has experimental plots, an equipped laboratory and a team of qualified professionals. Barahonda is committed to a wine of excellence and is constantly undergoing quality and food safety audits to optimize and improve processes, being certified under the ISO 9001 standard.
It was in 2014 when we started working on the organic certification, counting only with one reference. Currently, we have a range of organic wines consisting of 6 references and for which we work tirelessly so that in the not too distant future, this range will include more references. This year, we have a new reference certified with Bio suisse/organic: Campo Arriba Old Vines 2020
To ensure the care of our wines and achieve these objectives, at Barahonda we carry out processes that respect the environment and our vineyards, such as the use of pheromones. In our winery we try to use ecology and a respectful methodologies


Bodegas Señorio de Barahonda produces complex wines with real personality.
The history of Bodegas Barahonda begins around the year 1850, when Pedro Candela Soriano began to produce and sell small quantities of wine locally until 1925 when Antonio Candela García founded a small winery. It was later taken over by Antonio Candela Poveda, who made it grow and evolve over the years.
With the need to create higher quality wines, Bodegas Barahonda was born in 2006, currently run by his two sons, Antonio and Alfredo.
From the small local farm to the modern winery that produces quality wines appreciated in international markets, four generations have passed knowledge and tradition from father to son. The Candela family has dedicated their lives to wine and Barahonda is the visible result of this passion.
At Barahonda we make structured, expressive wines, with intense color and flavor; complex wines with character that every year reap awards, recognitions and high scores from the best critics in the world. As the Barahonda symbol proclaims, ours are wines united to the land, made from the vine, giving the vineyard the care it deserves as an essential part of the personality of a quality wine.

Country and region

Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world and represents 13% of the vineyards in the world.The wine sector has been linked to the Spanish tradition for thousands of years, with a great custom in consumption and production, structuring the local economy of many small towns that are spread over the 17 autonomous communities. Spain is the third world producer of wine made with between 42 and 44 million hectoliters, being an engine of development in many towns and small cities of our geography, backbone the territory and offers quality employment. Wine contributes to our image as a country and is a pole of attraction for visitors and tourists.In total, there are 70 appellations of origin and 42 geographical indications that comprise the 969,000 hectares where some of the 150 native Spanish varieties are harvested. Some plantations that can be found in any of the 17 autonomous communities.From the point of view of the territory, in many municipalities the vineyard is a monoculture that sustains its economy. As the main crop of a social nature installed on dry land, it affects 112,000 farmers, generates 38,000 jobs and 9 million wages. In addition, its industry represents 24% of the entire regional industrial GDP, with 224 cooperatives, 358 wineries, 16 distilleries and 23 must concentrating companies.The ancient wine tradition of this region dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, who already cultivated the vine in these lands of poor soil and extreme climate.The soils in the area are limestone, deep and with a good permeability. Its poverty in organic matter, added to its wealth in limestone, causes sometimes a superficial scab. We have an altitude between 500 and 900 metres above sea level. It boasts a typically Continental climate with temperatures in winter dropping to -6 ºC and reaching 40 ºC in summer. All these factors, combined with sparse rainfall and significant day-night temperature variation, favour slow ripening that fosters the concentration of flavours, colour and aroma in the grapes.In recent years the little D.O. Yecla has gained a rapid recognition for the peculiar character and quality of its wines made with the native Monastrell variety.Currently, D.O. Yecla hosts about 4.333 hectare of vineyard.Yecla obtained the denomination of origin in 1975. Twenty years earlier, the wineries had already begun to proclaim the quality of their wines, which, taking a new path, left behind the old, more robust ones, to offer new and interesting bottled red wines, most of which exploit the great potential of the Monastrell grape.Today, technology blends with tradition to guarantee a pleasant and lasting stability that generates a multitude of proposals born from the experience of the winemakers of the different wineries. A rich, diverse proposal, capable of finding followers anywhere in the world.
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  • Region: Yecla
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