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Álvaro Palacios

Álvaro Palacios is not only one of the great characters in the Spanish world of wine, but has even influenced a whole generation of young winemakers with his authentic and pure wines.
Álvaro Palacios is one of the great characters in the Spanish world of wine and is renowned worldwide for strong, mineral wines.
The son of a Rioja vintner, he achieved world fame thanks to his pioneering work in Priorat; the wines from his winery in Gratallops are legendary. There is no other wine that symbolizes the power, mineral complexity and phenomenal density of the Priorat wines as much as L'Ermita, Álvaro's breathtaking Garnacha from a steep five-hectare vineyard. It is one of the few genuine cult wines worldwide. All wines are produced organically or biodynamically and the vineyards are looked after laboriously by hand. Following his success in Priorat, Álvaro launched himself into another wine adventure with his nephew Ricardo Pérez Palacios. In the north-west of the country, in the forgotten mountainous area of Bierzo, the two of them now manage 40 hectares of vineyards biodynamically, spread over more than 60 plots, some on extremely difficult terrain.

Wines from Álvaro Palacios