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Raimat, the beginning of a dream

In 1914, Manuel Raventós acquired an extensive plot of land in the desert of Los Monegros in Lérida (Catalonia). The contract he signed included a ruined castle, a tree and a large area characterized by dry, stony soils and a harsh continental climate. In this landscape, he recognized a unique, unused area with ideal conditions for producing wines of excellent quality and considerable personality.
Research and ecological winegrowing play a key role at the Raimat winery.

100 years of tradition with a pioneering role in research and sustainable winegrowing

Today, 100 years after fulfilling this dream, Raimat has become one of the leading wineries in the sector. Its entire production is certified as sustainable and a part of it is even organic-certified.
Raimat was founded on the conviction that sustainable agriculture is the best guarantee for protecting and preserving the environment without having a negative impact on the development of a productive and efficient agricultural business. Raimat is firmly committed to the natural world for the long term. Its sustainable growing methods go far beyond official requirements, and the winery is committed to a 100% ecological production model.
Following years of work adapting the soils, sites and cultivation methods, Raimat now holds a leading position in Europe in sustainable and ecological winegrowing. The team works daily to produce wine completely ecologically – within a foreseeable time frame – and to use only natural resources.

Wines from Raimat