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Bodegas Campo Viejo

The Bodega Campo Viejo estate pursues its concept of producing a fruity Rioja in exemplary fashion in its new cellar, built in 2001, from Crianza to Dominio, the winery's finest wine.
Bodega Campo Viejo creates fruity Rioja wines while remaining true to regional traditions.
Deserving legionnaires in the Roman Empire were often given fertile plots of land in the Rioja region in recognition of their military service. They shaped the region and winegrowing and earned it the name "Campus Veteranus" among the locals. The name of this winery, founded in 1959 by the two winemakers Beristain and Ortigüela, harks back to this ancient designation. The first Campo Viejo was produced in 1961.
Shortly after it was founded, Bodega Campo Viejo took on a key role in the history of Rioja, as the Campo Viejo wines became some of the first to be systematically sold internationally in 1975. The special type of bottle used is still characteristic of Rioja today. With the new cellar built in 2001, the company is continuing with its philosophy of producing modern Riojas that also remain true to their tradition. Campo Viejo now belongs to the Domecq Group.

Wines from Bodega Campo Viejo