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Gialdi Vini

Gialdi Vini SA processes almost 1 million kilos of grapes each year – an impressive quantity. You can tell from the taste that the vintners pour their heart and soul into their wines: that's why the Gialdi Vini winery has long been one of Ticino's most important and most popular producers. Read more here about the winery, its wines and its secret to success.
The Gialdi Vini winery is one of Ticino's most important and most popular wine producers.

The history of Gialdi Vini

Gialdi Vini SA was founded in 1953 by Guglielmo Gialdi. It is proud to still be a family business, managed now by his son Feliciano. Gialdi Vini SA started out as a wine merchant. Then in 1984, Feliciano instigated a change: he took over a winery in the south of Leventina and began to produce high quality Ticino wines. Feliciano also invested in cellars in Bodio and Mendrisio to boost the wine production – with considerable success.
Today Gialdi Vini works with winemakers who have grown up in the trade – their knowledge and experience passed on from generation to generation. The grapes processed by the Gialdi Vini winery come primarily from vineyards in the Tre Valli region. The soils there are predominantly made up of gneiss and granite, giving the wines outstanding ageing potential.

Combining modernity and tradition

In recent years especially, the winery has invested in modernizing its wine fermentation technology. When it comes to maturation, however, it's another story, with the winery keeping things traditional: Gialdi Vini SA wines are matured in barriques. Most of these are stored in cellars in the Monte Generoso mountainside. Storing the wine in the mountains has one very decisive benefit, namely the climate, which stays constant all year round. In addition to white and red wines, the Gialdi Vini winery also produces rosé, sweet wine, grappa and sparkling wine.


The premium wine from Gialdi Vini SA
The most important grape variety for the Gialdi Vini winery is Merlot. In this context a special mention goes to its premium wine Quattromani, which has been produced in collaboration with four vintners since 2000: Feliciano Gialdi, Guido Brivio, Claudio Tamborini and Angelo Delea. The Merlot grapes are pressed separately by each of the four vintners. Quattromani is a complex wine with particularly good storage potential.

Wines from Gialdi Vini