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La Cagi-Cantina Giubiasco SA

Cantina Giubiasco lies in the heart of this popular hilly winegrowing area which has played a major part in the region's history and heritage.
With selected grapes and more than 450 winegrowers, Cantina Giubiasco produces around one tenth of all Ticino wine.
For decades now, the Cantina has worked to improve the old vineyards. In doing so it is protecting the natural environment and making a significant contribution to landscape conservation. Merlot grapes have been grown in this region for centuries and are used to produce excellent wines cherished by all wine lovers.
The winery was founded in 1929, and its winemakers are still shaping the history and culture of this exquisite wine type, working actively to improve it further.
In 2002 the Cantina was renovated and equipped with the latest technology used in red wine production. It only processes grapes from the canton's best winegrowing areas, and currently supplies a quarter of the wine it produces to various Swiss cantons.
The Cantina experimented at first and then slowly diversified its production, using the favoured Merlot variety, which accounts for almost all the grapes delivered to it for processing, to produce red, white and rosé wines. The Cantina is the birthplace of white Merlot, which is highly acclaimed nationally and has brought the company both economic and technical success.
The Merlot grape variety, which has been grown for more than a century, produces truly unique wines in this area, which are cherished by all connoisseurs. These wines tell the story of their country of origin. In 1986, CAGI was bought out by the Federazione Ticinese Produttori di Latte (FTPL, the association of Ticino milk producers), which turned it into a modern wine company with an ongoing strategic focus on consumers’ desires. Success came quickly, particularly with Bucaneve, which is now the most popular white Merlot in Switzerland. In an effort to safeguard and improve production and food safety processes, CAGI obtained ISO:22000 certification in 2017, which was important confirmation for the future of the winery.
CAGI focuses mainly on the production of white Merlot and Chardonnay, while also producing fine barrique and indigenous wines such as from the historic Bondola grape variety. New wines made from interspecific grape varieties with greater resistance to fungal diseases have been tested in recent years, while taking an approach that respects both the land and cultivation of the vines.

Wines from La Cagi-Cantina Giubiasco SA