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In 2012, Claudio Tamborini was awarded the prestigious title of "Vintner of the year". A pioneer of quality, he made a major contribution to shaping the "prodigious wine-growing area" of Ticino.
Tamborini is seen as a Ticino quality pioneer, and numerous awards attest to this.
Established in 1944 as an import company, in 1978 Claudio Tamborini started producing his own wines and then acquired vineyards, ultimately managing 27 hectares of vineyards with different types of soil in Comano, Lamone, Gudo, Castelrotto, Neggio and Porza to which he added vines purchased from 70 wine-growers, including some professionals.
The range of wines is very varied and comprises various lines; besides Merlot – including the award-winning Comano and SanZeno Comstamagna Riserva – the ESPE "esperienze" line is worthy of mention: it is the result of new varietals or new vinification techniques and comprises three wines: ESPE N.5, a Merlot vinified as a white wine using the hyperoxidation method, ESPE N.6 "Il senza Merlot" and ESPE N.7 single-variety Arinarnoa.
Moreover, the company started producing wines from so-called PiWi (fungus-resistant) vines that require fewer treatments because they are more resistant to cryptogamic diseases. This is a forward-looking approach in terms of environmental sustainability.
Finally, with the "Tenuta Tamborini Vallombrosa" at Castelrotto, Claudio Tamborini fulfilled a very special wish. Nestled among the vineyards is a bed & breakfast comprising nine rooms that feature works by artists; over the years an "art and culture" trail has been created in the outdoor spaces with sculptures by local and international artists.

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