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Jean-René Germanier – expert Valais winemaking

With his Syrah "Cayas" and sweet "Mitis", Jean-René Germanier has proven that top wines don't necessarily have to be produced in very small quantities. The winery's standard collections are also completely authentic Valais crus.
Jean-René Germanier has proven that top wines don't have to be produced in very small quantities.

The Jean-René Germanier winery: key data

The wine cellar founded by Urbain Germanier in 1896 in the hamlet of Balavaud in the municipality of Vétroz has always been in the family and is run today by Jean-René Germanier and his nephew Gilles Besse (the family's third and fourth winemaking generations). Both of them are trained, experienced oenologists, and their aim is to continue the family tradition. Nowadays the cellar processes around 60 hectares of grapes, of which 30 hectares belong to the family, and produces around 700,000 bottles of wine.
The Jean-René Germanier winery is located in the heart of Valais, Switzerland's most diverse and extensive winegrowing region. In the summer it has a warm, dry microclimate, and the region is known for its white wines in particular.

Wines by Jean-René Germanier

Besse and Germanier have created a whole range of top wines which have an excellent reputation both in Switzerland and abroad. Jean-René Germanier and his vintners focus primarily on the local grape varieties, which have a distinctive character thanks to the Valais terroir. Balavaud Grand Cru, for example, has long been held to be the perfect example of a high quality Fendant. The dynamic winemaking duo have also won particular acclaim with their rediscovery of the indigenous variety Amigne. One of the wines they produce with it is oak-matured Mitis – one of the best-known sweet speciality wines from Valais.
No less well-known are their red flagship crus matured in oak barrels, which are full-bodied with good structure. The first Cayas vintage was produced right back in 1995 using Syrah grapes from the slopes between Fully and Conthey, and reserve wines made with Humagne Rouge and Cornalin are now produced following a similar recipe. The Jean-René Germanier winery is always striving to achieve the highest quality – compromises are not allowed. Jean-René Germanier and his nephew are also passionate about the environment and environmentally friendly wine production.

Wines from Jean-René Germanier