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Provins is a key player in Swiss winemaking – both in quantitative terms as it presses 10 million kilos of grapes per year, and above all in qualitative terms, as evidenced by the abundance of awards it has won for its top wines. It also has an excellent reputation outside Switzerland.
Provins is one of Switzerland's most important wine producers, accounting for a high proportion of total production.

Provins – the largest winery in Switzerland

Established in 1930 to help the winegrowers of Provins out of the crisis they were experiencing at the time, this cooperative is still a pioneer in the production of top wines – not just in Valais but in the whole of Switzerland. For over 80 years the cooperative's mainstay has been its "Les Grandes Dignitaires" collection of characterful everyday wines, while the top wines of today are those in the "Les Titans", "Crus des Domaines" and "Maître de Chais" collections, the latter being the Provins winery's most recognized premium brand.
The Provins winemaking cooperative produces 10 percent of all Swiss wine. Its headquarters are in Sion in Lower Valais, but it collects the harvests of Provins winegrowers at three different locations. Ultramodern processing equipment is then used to turn 10 million kilograms of grapes per year into fine wines. The grapes include top international varieties like Chardonnay, Chasselas, Pinot noir and Sauvignon blanc as well as indigenous varieties like Amigne, Cornalin, Petite Arvine, and Humagne Rouge.

Joining together to achieve excellence

Every year wines from Provins win numerous medals and accolades at national and international wine-tasting competitions. Of all Swiss winegrowers, the Provins winemaking cooperative receives the most awards. The cooperative's vintners regularly come top at the national Grand Prix du Vin Suisse competition which Coop supports as main sponsor.Responsible for achieving this impressive degree of quality is oenologist Madeleine Gay, who was named "Winemaker of the Year" in 2008 by the VINEA association and the wine magazine VINUM. Other members of the Provins oenologist team are Gérald Carrupt (management), Samuel Planchard , Luc Sermier and Damien Carruzzo. The outstanding achievements of this team of experts were recognized relatively recently: the expert jury at the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse named the team "2013 Winemakers of the Year". Many awards have followed since then and more are sure to arrive in the future, celebrating the work of the Provins winemakers.

Flagship wines from the Provins winemaking cooperative

The sophisticated Provins concept incorporates several different collections, each with its own individual profile.Maître de Chais: Several wines from this premium brand have already gained international acclaim for Provins. The white wine cuvée "Vieilles Vignes", the red wine blend "Rouge d'Enfer" and the sweet wine "Grains de Malice" are uncontested jewels of Swiss wine production. Damien Carruzzo, the oenologist responsible for this collection, ensures that only the finest grapes from the best terroirs are vinified. Many of the wines are matured in barrique for a perfect finish.
  • Maître de Chais Réserve Spéciale: These limited edition wines result from the perfect combination of grape variety and terroir. The fine grape varieties grown in Grand Cru locations include Pinot noir and Syrah. Thanks to their excellent storage potential, these gems can be cellared for quite some time.
  • Les Titans: This collection is dedicated to the builders of the Grand Dixence dam in Valais, who constructed its tunnels under challenging conditions. The quality of the grapes truly honours their achievements. The maturation method used by Provins winemaker Luc Sermier is also unique: he produces particularly fine wines by storing the oak barrels in the tunnels of the mountain at 2,200 metres above sea level, and has won several medals for them.
  • Crus des Domaines: The quality of these wines is down to the intensive oenological vigilance of winegrowers from selected Grand Cru locations. Careful selection of only the best grapes harvested along with only the good vintages ensures the quality of the collection, for which head oenologist Madeleine Gay is responsible.
  • Grand Métral: The fruity, full-bodied wines of this collection make it another of the Provins flagship brands, greatly enjoyed by discerning wine lovers. The technical department at Provins is tasked with continuing to develop these wines on an ongoing basis.
  • Spécialités du Valais: Coloured labels on the bottles of this collection symbolize the enormous diversity of Valais winegrowing. These single varietals from indigenous grape varieties are the ultimate guarantee of Valais authenticity.

Provins winegrowers belonging to the cooperative

When concentrating on the success of the Provins winemakers it's easy to forget that the cellar processes grapes from over 4,000 estates, which together cultivate over 1,000 hectares of vines.
Whether it's Chardonnay or Gamay: each grape variety grows best in the soil that is ideal for its needs and has qualities that bring out its aroma to the fullest. This ensures the grapes are always of a high quality. To determine the suitable terroirs, the oenologists work closely with their staff and conduct detailed soil and microclimate analyses. In this way they can fully utilize the potential offered by the Valais growing region. The commitment to this region is also clear. In order to maintain the local winegrowing heritage, particularly characterful indigenous grape varieties are planted and cultivated.
Once the Provins winemakers have found the perfect location, work begins on establishing the most effective measures for ensuring optimal ripeness. Once the vines are planted, other procedures are needed to create the best conditions for growing and ripening. The vines are de-leafed regularly to allow better sunlight penetration. Quality is the top priority.
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Wines from Provins