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Robert Gilliard

Die Trockenmauern, die den Weinberg Clos de Cochetta halten, sind über 20 Meter hoch. Der Berg über dem Rhône-Tal beeindruckt ebenfalls durch seine Höhe und seine steile Hanglage. In den Weingärten der Winzer von Robert Gilliard gedeihen autochthone Schweizer Sorten wie Humagne Rouge und Petite Arvine. Eine typische Walliser Spezialität vinifiziert die Domäne aus Heida. Und aus Chasselas-Reben wird das Beste gekeltert, was das Wallis zu bieten hat: Wunderbar erfrischende Fendants. Auch Liebhaber roter Tropfen kommen mit dem Dôle des Monts auf ihre Kosten.
The imposing Robert Gilliard vineyards lie high above Sion.

The Robert Gilliard vineyards

Visitors to Clos de Cochetta, the Robert Gilliard vineyard high above Sion, are in for an unforgettable wine experience. A subterranean passage leads to terraces that perch on the steep slope like bird's nests, affording breathtaking of the vines and the town of Sion. The dry stone walls that stabilize the slopes were built by Savoy monks between 1860 and 1903. There are further vineyards on the dizzyingly steep elevations so typical of Valais winegrowing. Despite the impassable terrain, the south-facing slopes and elevations of 550 to a maximum of 680 metres ensure that the grapes ripen well.
Wine lovers will find that the creations of Robert Gilliard embody this spirit of "quintessential Valais". The Robert Gilliard cellar master and its partner vintners work closely to achieve this. The winery has high expectations of its winegrowers and uses its expertise to guarantee the quality of the wine throughout the entire production process.

Wines from Robert Gilliard

From imposing location to imposing wine: Dôle des Monts. In 2011, the 125th vintage of this perfect example of a classic, smooth and delicately fruity Dôle, with its legendary black and gold label, was bottled at Robert Gilliard. That is proof indeed of the lasting popularity of this Valais original. It combines late-ripening Gamay with fruity Pinot noir. The soft tannins of the Pinot give it a silky texture, while its high extract content provides body.
No less renowned is Fendant Les Murettes. This fresh and fruity white wine with its floral aroma and mineral nuances has won many prizes: in 2014 it won over the judges at both the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse and the Zurich Expovina.
Wine lovers will delight in the "Les Tonneliers" collection of single varietals aged carefully in oak barrels – including Marsanne, Sylvaner and the fine grape varieties Riesling and Sauvignon blanc.
The "Les Perles du Valais" collection contains rare gems. They are also single varietals, all of them produced from indigenous grapes like Petite Arvine and Cornalin.
It is the wines of the "Les Grabs Murs" collection that best reflect the terroir of Robert Gilliard[JS1] . The excellent soils are expressed perfectly in their mineral tones and earthy fruitiness.

History of the Robert Gilliard winery

The cellar founded in 1885 by Edmond Gilliard celebrated its first success with Dôle des Monts. From 1918 to 1953 his successor Robert Gilliard preserved this heritage and continuously expanded the range. The estate is now managed by Stéphane Maccaud. It has 50 hectares of vines bought by the Gilliard family over generations, which are the backbone of a unique selection of crus.
Visitors to the Robert Gilliard winery can marvel at the one-hundred-year-old barrels and get a glimpse into a true Valais carnotzet cellar. On request the vintners will also take them on a tour of the cellar and vineyards, as well as organizing a wine tasting.
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Wines from Robert Gilliard