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Clos, Domaines & Châteaux

"Clos, Domaines & Châteaux" is the distinctive brand that brings together some of the finest wine regions in Switzerland, which joined forces in order to promote their wines under a unique quality label that is recognizable thanks to the red banner that has become its hallmark.
United by a charter and rules that are more stringent than the legislation governing Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée, their goal is to offer exceptional Crus that are a testimony to their terroirs and historic heritage. In signing this Charter, the winegrowers commit to applying the strictest standards in terms of environment, yield and quality. In addition, through regular visits, a technical committee ensures that work in the vineyards and good oenological practice are respected.
A tasting at the end of the visit is the ultimate guarantee. Thus, thanks to the winegrowing and production methods required by the label, “Clos, Domaines & Châteaux” wines carry the signature of each of the terroirs of origin. Today, the association has 25 wine-producing members and 4 affiliated wine merchants. Together, we defend Switzerland’s cultural heritage, protect the environment, encourage the passing on of know-how from generation to generation, promote our values and support each other in the process!
The wines from this top Féchy appellation vineyard are always an absolute delight.

Domaine du Martheray

Located in an ideal setting in the heart of the municipality of Féchy, this former manor was acquired by Arnold Schenk in 1919. It is now a splendid wine estate managed by Caspar Eugster. The harvest of the 15 hectares of vineyards is stored in the estate’s cellars, where oak barrels combined with modern technology bring out the very best of this nectar. The wines of this estate – the highlight of the Féchy designation – can be enjoyed to the fullest!
These vineyards facing Lake Geneva are some of the best exposed of the La Côte designation, and the Féchy slopes are ideal for wine-growing. It features a light to medium clay-limestone soil and narrow, high-density vine spacing with almost 9,000 plants per hectare. The grapes are harvested in line with principles designed to limit the yield and respect the environment.

Wines from Domaine du Martheray:

Château de Mont is one of the oldest Mont-sur-Rolle appellation vineyards.

Château de Mont

The Château de Mont is one of the oldest wine estates in Mont-sur-Rolle. The vineyards currently cover an area of 13 hectares with a south-facing position and on slopes with gradients ranging from 12% to 20%. The soil is relatively gravelly, while the soil in the upper part of the estate features a slightly higher clay content. Its wines regularly receive nominations and awards in national and international competitions.

Wines from Château de Mont: