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Louis Bovard

With its legendary Dézaley Médinette as well as newly created top wines such as Salix (Chenin blanc) and Buxus (Sauvignon blanc), the Bovard winery has established itself as a Vaud winegrowing pioneer.
Louis Bovard offers the best of both new and traditional wines.

Ten generations of winegrowing tradition

Louis-Philippe Bovard is continuing his family's heritage, representing its tenth winegrowing generation. The 17 hectares of vines belonging to his winery are predominantly on the slopes of Lavaux. He is assisted by Caspar Eugster, who previously worked at the Colomé winery in Argentina and is responsible at Bovard for both winegrowing and wine production. All the vine parcels not in the zones managed by helicopter are biodynamically managed.
The winery produces 200,000 bottles and its range is divided into two segments. The "vin de terroirs" collection includes the traditional Chasselas wines, sur lie aged with great care in wooden vats and always full of character. By contrast, the "Collection Louis-Philippe Bovard" offers innovative crus especially designed for gastronomy, such as Salix (Chenin blanc) and Buxus (Sauvignon blanc). Further specialities are the red Grandes Cuvées Dézaley which are produced from grapes such as Merlot and Syrah, while the winery's flagship brand was and still is the famous Dézaley Médinette. Bovard has proven for many years now that its favourite variety Chasselas has amazing storage potential, which is why it is also bringing older vintages onto the market.

Wines from Louis Bovard