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Château d'Auvernier

The exemplary winery Château d'Auvernier is located on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel and is known for its delicate Chasselas and elegant Pinot noir, while another speciality, its Œil de Perdrix, is typical of the Neuchâtel region. The picturesque slopes along the lakeshore are the perfect terroir. For 400 years now, the château has been instrumental in creating the excellent reputation of Swiss wines.
Château d'Auvernier produces exciting wines on the picturesque slopes above Lake Neuchâtel.

Tradition spans the centuries at the Château d'Auvernier winery

Built in 1559, the Château d'Auvernier and its winery have belonged to the same family since 1603. Over the centuries, as the canton was governed by one European ruler after the next, the château was inhabited by French military commanders, the princes of Neuchâtel, and Prussian state civil servants. The winery was the only constant over the years, remaining under management of the family.
Its current director, Thierry Grosjean, belongs to the family's 17th generation and is keeping up the 400-year heritage of the winery. He has been at the helm since 1988 and ensures that Château d'Auvernier maintains its place among the ranks of Neuchâtel wine producers. Visitors to the time-honoured vaulted cellar of the château can gain an insight into how wine is still produced there using traditional methods, as the château regularly opens its doors to interested members of the public. Both cellar visits and wine tastings can be organized by prior arrangement.
In 1999 Thierry Grosjean added a barrique cellar to the winery. The wooden barriques in this new wine cellar are primarily used for maturing the château's Pinot noir and Pinot gris.

The vineyards of Château d'Auvernier

The slopes and soil of Lake Neuchâtel's shores are very typical of those found throughout the Three Lakes Region. With light and medium-heavy limestone soils that offer enough subsoil for the vines to establish a good roothold, the terroir is similar to that of Burgundy, so it comes as no surprise that the vintners of Château d'Auvernier prefer to cultivate typical Burgundy grape varieties like Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Thanks to the proximity to Lake Neuchatel, the climate of the estate is as mild as that of Burgundy despite the differences in elevation.The winery currently processes grapes from around 60 hectares of vines. Château d'Auvernier owns 16 hectares itself, its vintners cultivate additional vines, and it buys the harvest of a further 20 hectares from growers with whom it has been working for several generations. Thus wines from Château d'Auvernier make up 10 per cent of all wine produced in the Canton of Neuchâtel.

Wines from the Château-d'Auvernier winemakers

The various Pinot noir selections in particular are remarkable, their high quality having won them awards from expert tasters at numerous renowned wine competitions. Château d'Auvernier earned several gold medals in one go at the 2015 Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, which crowns the best Swiss winemakers each year.
The winery produces red and white wines in around equal quantity. With regard to red grapes, the Pinot noir is the star. As part of the AOC certification its yield is limited, resulting in a silky texture and fruity aroma. It is used both for single-varietal Pinot noirs and to enrich the Mosaïque and Œil de Perdrix blends, the latter a Neuchâtel speciality. This salmon-pink rosé is produced using just a short maceration period and has a complex bouquet.
The dominant white grape is the Chasselas Every year without fail, Neuchâtel Blanc Non Filtré is the first wine to make it into the Château-d'Auvernier vintners' range. It is bottled in January and each vintage delights wine lovers anew with its fruity citrus hints. White rarities from the winery include barrel-matured Chardonnays and Pinot gris.
The vintners also mature other whites in barriques, such as Mosaïque Assemblage, a Gamaret, Pinot noir and Garanoir blend.
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Wines from the Château-d'Auvernier