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For over 150 years, the Mauler family has been producing an impressive range of sparkling wines in a former Benedictine monastery in Val-de-Travers. This Swiss winery creates sparkling wines of extremely high quality, all of them produced using the méthode traditionnelle for champagne.
The Mauler family has been producing impressive sparkling wines for over 150 years.

Mauler: traditional winemaking in the monastery wine cellar

Idyllic Val-de-Travers, a Jura mountain valley in Neuchâtel, is known as the home of Swiss watchmaking. Of greater interest to wine lovers, however, is the fact that it is in the Three Lakes winegrowing area.
Since 1859, the Mauler family has been perfecting the quality of its sparkling wines here with the same precision as that employed by watchmakers. The wine cellar is located in the former monastery of St. Peter, which was founded in the 6th century by monks hailing from Burgundy. In 1829, Abram-Louis Richardet began making sparkling wines within its historic walls, then in 1859, Alsace native Louis-Edouard Mauler moved into the monastery and production continued. Some of the wines here are stored directly in the chapel crypt.
In addition to the monastery, there is a second production site in Môtiers, which houses the Mauler winery management, administration and sales as well as additional climate-controlled wine cellars.

Sparkling wines of the highest quality from Mauler

The Mauler winery produces around 20 different sparkling wines in differing price ranges, all of them produced using the méthode traditionnelle for champagne. In recent years the winery's top wines – such as Cuvée Réserve millésime and Cuvée Louis-Edouard Mauler millésime – have won many awards at prestigious international wine competitions.The leading Swiss sparkling winemaker produces around 500,000 bottles per year, and around 2 million bottles are stored in its vaulted cellar. The Pinot noir grape is the basis for most of the cuvées, while Chardonnay grapes provide finesse. Other varieties used are Chenin blanc, Colombard, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The grapes come from Mauler's own vineyards, other Swiss and regional winegrowers, and from France.

The Mauler winery: certified méthode traditionnelle production

Mauler sparkling wines are produced using the méthode traditionnelle, which requires both time and dedication. Sparkling wines can only be labelled "méthode traditionnelle" if they have been produced according to the extensive rules for champagne production. The only difference between such wines and champagne is grape origin and production location. The traditional method includes such stipulations as stringent grape selection, second fermentation in the bottle, and regular turning of the bottles.

Wines from Mauler