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St. Jodern Kellerei

St. Jodern Kellerei was founded as a cooperative in 1980 by several Visperterminen winegrowers. The aim was to preserve winegrowing in this region with Central Europe's highest vineyards. The vintners of St. Jodern Kellerei are known for their outstanding selection of Heida wines.

St. Jodern Kellerei

Maintaining traditions togetherThe cooperative started in 1980 with 120 members: they delivered their harvest to the vintners of the new St. Jodern Kellerei, who produced and bottled the wine. St. Jodern Kellerei was founded to maintain and expand winegrowing in the region. There is a long history of wine production in Visperterminen – the Celts planted vines here.The cooperative now has over 500 members and each year around 400,000 bottles of wine are produced at St. Jodern Kellerei. The grapes come from around 50 hectares of vines and are vinified under the watchful eye of cellar master Alain Helmrich, from Alsace.

High-altitude winegrowing: the

St. Jodern Kellerei wineryIn Visperterminen in Valais, the grapes grow in spectacular terraced vineyards up to an altitude of 1,150 metres. This is the home of the Heida grape, known as the "Pearl of the Alps", which has adapted perfectly to the unusual conditions. The vines grow at altitudes between 650 and 1,150 metres, on terraces built with high dry stone retaining walls which are also the perfect location for a stroll.
The Mauler family has been producing impressive sparkling wines for over 150 years.

The wines from St. Jodern Kellerei

St. Jodern Kellerei and its vintners produce their flagship variety Heida in various different styles and qualities: there are dry wines finished in a steel tank, a selection matured in wooden barrels and "Melodie", made with late-harvested grapes and retaining a little residual sugar. The top wine is the unique Heida Veritas, made with grapes from ancient ungrafted vines.
St. Jodern Kellerei also produces other high quality white wines from Johannisberg, Müller-Thurgau, Resi and Muscat grapes. With regard to red wines, the winery is considered an expert in blends such as "Mischabel" pressed from Pinot noir and Gamaret and "Cuvée Visperterminen", from Pinot noir, Syrah and Gamaret.

Wines from St. Jodern Kellerei