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In 1958 timber merchant Barny Fetzer stumbled upon an idyllic but dilapidated 300-hectare farm in Mendocino County and began growing wine here, some 200 kilometres north of San Francisco.
In Mendocino County, wines including Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Malbec are crafted.
20 years on, what he began as a hobby with his family became a business and, eventually, a global brand. For nearly 50 years now, Fetzer has now been proving that fruit-forward wines with bags of Californian charm can also be created north of the Napa Valley.
Plus, Fetzer is regarded as the leading pioneer of organic winegrowing in California. As well as adopting biodynamic cultivation methods at all of its own vineyards, in accordance with the principles of philosopher and anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, the company also has a philosophy of exclusive reliance on green power from solar and wind power plants. The offices are built from clay and timber and there is a comprehensive recycling concept in place. With this rigorously holistic approach, Fetzer laid the foundations of sustainable winegrowing which is now embraced by a growing number of Californian wineries.
Today, Fetzer presses no fewer than 13 varietals, including specialities such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer or Malbec. The spectrum covers everything from uncomplicated, fresh and fruity everyday wines to limited-edition barrel or reserve selections.

Wines by Fetzer