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Château Limbourg

The recent history of Château Limbourg began when the Maufras family acquired another vineyard, Château Pontac-Monplaisir.
Auguste Maufras bought this 50-hectare estate in 1920.
Grandfather Auguste Maufras bought this 50-hectare estate in 1920. In 1952 his son Jean bought Château Limbourg, which is also in the AOC Pessac-Léognan. Here, to the south of the city of Bordeaux, temperatures average two degrees higher than in the Médoc, which is why the wines are quite full and soft for Bordeaux. The sixteen hectares of vines at Limbourg are mainly planted with Merlot, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon and some Sémillon and Sauvignon blanc. Annual production averages 100,000 bottles, three quarters of it red.
Jean Maufras, the inventive owner, measures himself against the best. All the barrels he uses for ageing, for example, are from Burgundy – which is very unusual in Bordeaux. And he has designed a bright orange label that appeals to a younger, urban target group, because he knows that a wine's packaging is important.
The wine is unusually dense and complex for its price category. Rene Gabriel awards 18 points to Château Pontac-Monplaisir, which is located next to Limbourg and worked in exactly the same way by the Maufras family, for its 2014 vintage. The Limbourg is just as good, and it deserves the same rating.

Wines from Château Limbourg