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Château Penin: Patrick Carteyron

The name Bordeaux means well over 100,000 hectares of vines, spread over more than 50 appellations. The bulk of this acreage produces simple, easy-going and inexpensive wines that hardly anyone talks about. Simple, easy-going wines?
Patrick Carteyron proves that splendid wines can also be bottled as Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur.
One man – Patrick Carteyron – wasn't happy with this, and he proves that great wines can also be bottled as Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur. In 1982 he took over an estate that has been in his family for five generations: Château Penin, which today has an area of 45 hectares and is located about 50 kilometres east of Bordeaux. "45 hectares is not much for this region, but within this area there are countless variations of terroir that produce completely different wines." He bottles ten different cuvées to take account of this diversity. "Each wine illustrates a different terroir, a different style", Patrick says enthusiastically – "and each wine is suitable for a different occasion."
Les Cailloux is the name of a small – two-hectare – parcel of gravel over a layer of loam at the foot of a hill. The gravel provides warmth and good drainage, and the vines always find enough moisture in the loam – which ensures that the wine is particularly fruity.

Wines from Château Penin