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Domaine Gaston et Pierre Ravaut

Family domaine at the foot of the Corton hill
Mondovino will give you an insight into the work of the Domaine Gaston et Pierre Ravaut and its range of wines.
Founded in the 1920s by Gaston and Pierre Ravaut, this family winery is located in Ladoix-Serrigny on the Côte d'Or. The company has its roots at the foot of the famous Corton hill, at the crossroads of the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits. With an area of 16 hectares, the domaine sells about 50% of its annual production – currently totalling some 90,000 bottles – in France. The wines are vinified by the dynamic Gaston Ravaut, who – like every professional winemaker in Burgundy – sees his task as expressing each vineyard site as authentically as possible in its wine. In this respect the Corton hill, with almost a hundred hectares of vineyards and almost twenty different Grand Cru sites, is an ideal place to make this ambition a reality. Respect for the land, passion for the wine: that is the Ravaut family tradition.

Wines from the Domaine Gaston et Pierre Ravaut