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Domaine Henri Delagrange

Heavenly wines from a master winemaker. Sixth-generation owner Didier Delagrange spends a great deal of time in the vineyard. His daily visits to the vines begin when the first buds sprout, ending only when every single vine has been properly pruned. Didier treats each vine as an individual.
Mondovino will give you an insight into the work of the Domaine Henri Delagrange and its range of wines.
Didier determines the quality of the harvest in July, he says. This is when any leaves touching the grapes are individually removed by hand, which is how rot is avoided even in wet years. Completing this task in all 14.5 hectares of vineyard is a two-week job for three people. The result is 100% healthy, perfectly ripened grapes with just the right levels of sugar, acidity, tannins and aroma. In the cellar, Didier says, everything then runs by itself. But it is still not that simple, because no great wines are made without hard work in the cellar. Delagrange has this under control too. The grapes are first cold-macerated for five days to extract colour and flavour, then they are fermented – with 40% of them still whole, which gives the wines a special aroma and a fresh feel in the mouth. No more than twenty percent of the pièces used by Henri Delagrange are ever new, so that the splendid fruit can really shine through. The wines are similar in style to those of Virgile Lignier-Michelot, the star winemaker whose wines have been available from us for purchase on subscription for many years.

Wines from the Domaine Henri Delagrange