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Paul Bara

Paul Bara is a legend in Champagne. He took over the company as a teenager, more than 60 years ago, but he can still remember every single vintage down to the smallest detail.
Paul Bara can still remember every single vintage, down to the smallest detail.
He is part of the sixth generation since the company was founded in 1833. Over the years many great Champagne houses have tried to sweet-talk Bara into selling them his thirty exceptional sites in the Grand Cru commune of Bouzy – which stands for soft, balanced wines with lots of ripe fruit and elegant acidity, vying with Verzenay and Ambonnay for the title of the best Grand Cru commune for Pinot noir.
Paul Bara's vines are 25 years old on average, and up to 40 for vintage wines. Together with Barnaut and André Clouet, this legendary butterfly collector is the winemaker from Bouzy who pays most attention to quality.
Only the first pressing is used, and the wines are stored in his cold cellar for at least four years. The yield is kept to the lowest possible level. Despite his traditional methods, Bara's wines have a very elegant fruitiness that is unique in Bouzy. Given that his champagne is so clearly world-class, it is almost beyond belief that he is actually famous for his red wine. At the 1999 Millennium Tasting his '59 was named the best blanc de noirs in history.

Wines from Paul Bara