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The chalk vaults of the Domaine Taittinger conceal a true treasure: untold millions of bottles of the finest champagne, taking many years to reach their full, harmonious maturity. It owes its aromatic freshness to the high proportion of Chardonnay.
The chalk vaults of the Domaine Taittinger conceal a true treasure: untold millions of bottles of the finest champagne.

The renowned champagne house from Reims

Merchant Jacques Fourneaux founded the estate in 1734, which makes it one of the oldest châteaux in Champagne. At the beginning of the 20th century Austrian officer Pierre Taittinger took over the winery after discovering his passion for the region and its sparkling wines while stationed in France. He demonstrated great skill as head of the champagne house: the estate was constantly expanded with new parcels to meet the vigorous demand for Taittinger champagne.
In 1952 the family created its own style of wine, and they decided to give Chardonnay the leading role in the cuvée – a good decision, because the fruity freshness of this noble white grape characterizes a Taittinger to this day. And they have remained true to this concept under Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, the current head of the estate. His children Vitalie and Clovis support their father in all his decisions.
The honourable and complex task of putting together cuvées from different grape varieties, cru sites and vintages is the responsibility of experienced cellar master Loïc Dupont. A Taittinger champagne is stored for at least 3 to 4 years in a historically significant location: the vaulted cellar of the former Saint-Nicaise Abbey. This chalk cellar was created as a by-product of chalk mining during the Gallo-Roman era. Benedictine monks expanded the galleries in the 13th century to store bottles for their own use. The Taittinger company headquarters is located directly above the remains of the abbey, which was destroyed during the French Revolution. Wine matures there in almost 20 million bottles. 18 metres below ground, conditions are ideal for bringing Taittinger champagne to perfection. Anyone who wants to buy a Taittinger on site should not miss the opportunity to tour this impressive chalk cellar.
This champagne house is closely linked to the history of the region. The necks of the precious bottles are emblazoned with the portrait of Thibaud IV, who guided the region's fortunes in the Middle Ages as Count of Champagne. He introduced Chardonnay's predecessor vine – which he brought back from a crusade – in his county. No wonder, then, that the Domaine Taittinger holds a place of honour for him.

Taittinger champagnes in profile

The Taittinger domaine is known for champagnes in which the sparkling freshness of the Chardonnay grape comes into its own. In addition to non-vintage bruts, the Comtes de Champagne range also includes exquisite vintage champagnes. The proportions of the three grape varieties blended together – Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier – vary from one line to another. The Taittinger portfolio also includes delicately aromatic pink champagnes. The domaine's most frequently purchased champagne brands are Brut Réserve, Prélude and Brut Prestige Rosé.
The Brut Réserve is made with Chardonnay (40%) and Pinot noir (60%) grapes, and a few Pinot Meunier vines grow on various cru sites. It ages for three or four years to develop its harmonious character. This glittering, straw-yellow sparkling wine captivates the connoisseur from the very first sip, with lively fruit aromas reminiscent of ripe apricots and vanilla. Its good body and delicately mousseux character deliver full-bodied pleasure. Ideal as an aperitif, this light Taittinger champagne is also an excellent accompaniment to fish and seafood dishes.
The pinks are just as captivating: they are created by blending the best Pinot noir wines with copious amounts of Chardonnay. Aged on the lees for at least three years, the pink is characterized by tiny bubbles. Aromatic hints of raspberry and blackcurrant provide pronounced fruit notes.
Comtes de Champagne is the Cuvée de Prestige of the House of Taittinger. Only produced in particularly good years, this vintage is made either from 100% Chardonnay white or as a pink.
Why not treat yourself to the pleasure of one of the best champagnes? You can buy a fine Taittinger here, or at Coop outlets.

Wines from Taittinger